No need to go solo

No need to go solo when starting up.  It is a daunting prospect, breaking free of the chains of the corporate life and starting up your own business.  When you join the Antal International Network, you are not alone – you have support from a highly experienced franchise team each step of the way.  Antal International has been trading for over 25 years and is a leading international recruitment company – focused on mid to senior level executive recruitment across a wide spectrum of industries and disciplines.  The Antal franchise offering has been fine tuned over the last 15 years and is a proven model.


No need to go solo as we have a network of over 130 offices across the globe; this automatically allows you to offer clients an international recruitment solution as you can rely on the support and collaboration of Network offices.

No need to go solo as we plug you into our shared knowledge pool and provide an open book on all the placements Antal has made historically at your finger tips to search and analyse.

No need to go solo as all Network offices have access to a comprehensive pre-induction and induction training course which equips you to fine tune your commercial skills to be able to offer recruitment services following the Antal model.  Offices although have open access to off the shelf training material and regular live interactive webinars which allow you to learn at your own pace.

No need to go solo as once you are trained and ready to trade, we set you up with a microsite, email, business cards and brochures and give you a range of marketing tools which you can customise for your office.  This means you are not caught up in administration but are ready to hit the ground running.

Call us today for more information on how you can join our Network of offices and be part of the team email us on


Antal’s Wonder Women

Juggling…. the work / life balance

Modern life is a constant juggling act to get a balance right between work and home life.  The role of a parent just adds a further dimension, another plate to spin.  And, although many couples share jobs in the home, women still have the traditional home maker and main carer role.

For this reason, the majority of women choosing to have a family find that this has an impact on their career.  Being away from the business for up to 1 year, and in some cases longer, it is not always possible to slip back into the same job with the same demands on your time – you need more flexibility.  There is always a few able to break this trend, but it must be said the power house female CEO’s of Top Fortune 100 companies are a rarity.

Liz Dillon, one of our successful franchise owners says, “Entering parenthood does not have to equal a compromise in your career aspirations nor does continuing your career have to have a negative impact on your parenting or your children’s lives. Building your own future through ownership of a company is rewarding and flexible in equal measures. Although contribution of time is critical to its success, flexibility is also available and achievable to avoid missing critical moments in your children’s development. I have been a Managing Partner for 12 years now, launching my business with a small 18 month old daughter back in 2005.  I have not looked back nor would return to my old work status. Whilst there have been the enviable challenges and hurdles I have been able to successful navigate her early years, early schooling, academic success, illness, flexibly (doubling with my second child in 2009) without professional sacrifice or damage to their well being.”       Me and the girls

Flexibility is one of the key reasons for working mums consider starting up a business.

  • Flexibility in being your own boss allows you to work around your family needs.
  • Flexibility to be available for key appointments and not miss key stages in your children’s development.
  • Flexibility to be at the sports day or Christmas show.

We will train you on how to offer professional recruitment services and run your own business either from home or a small office.  You can be your own boss and juggle as many plates as you like!  Contact us for more information on starting your own business on

Feeling stuck in repeat mode?

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If you keep doing the same thing you will get the same results!

Antal International has the key to unlock your potential. Look, we get it, the 9-6 can be so draining, pressing buttons and making calls, hitting targets that has been put in place for you. Your days are so consistent, life is too short to live the same day twice! Imagine breaking free from the corporate world and entering the world of entrepreneurship. Antal International has 140+ offices and present in 33 countries which is growing as we speak, so why not join our team and contribute as we take the company from strength to strength.

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Antal is on the look out for YOU, yes YOU! The reader who is probably stuck in an office somewhere reading articles to pass time.

  • Do you have a passion for recruitment and interested in setting up your own recruitment company via Antal International?
  • Do you want change?
  • Can you afford to invest £25,000 to run your own recruitment agency?

If you answered YES to all of the above then let’s have a discussion. Please visit our website to learn more Antal Franchising Network

Awards dinner

I have a very special invitation for those who are serious about running their own recruitment agency via Antal International.

The Russo-British Chamber of Commerce has an exclusive Gala Dinner to Celebrate the successful business relations between Great Britian and Russia held in London, including our very own success story : Antal International reacquires Antal Russia

If you would like more information about this exclusive event please email me as seats are limited.

Taking stock…..

vacation snap.jpgWe are heading into the fourth quarter for 2017…………… Whilst on vacation, you will recharge your batteries for the final months of the year.

During this precious down time, you will reflect on the year to date…. what have you achieved and what would you like to do differently.  Keep in mind; it is not too late to make some positive changes in 2017 which could impact on the rest of your life.

Most certainly, if you are craving something different and a move from corporate life, we can help you start your own recruitment business from a small office or your home.  With the aid of our franchise system, the barriers to entry are reduced as we have the expertise to overcome these and get you started.

Being a professional recruiter allows you to make use of your skills which you have fine tuned over years – you know your industry, you know what ‘good looks like’ , you know what skills are needed to get the job done.  We will help you blend this knowledge with our recruitment processes to provide world class recruitment service for your clients.

Timing could not be better, we are planning a training class in September and also November so we could schedule you into one of these classes.  We can make it possible for you to launch your own recruitment business, be trained and fully operational before 2018.

So we implore you, whilst relaxing on vacation this year, let your mind contemplate the possibilities of a future with Antal International.  Our model enables you to apply all your commercial expertise back into the market that you know inside and out, as an executive recruiter.

You can end the year on a high and be your own boss…… just contact us on for more information.


Starting your own business…..

Are you at a junction in your career and need to decide which direction to take?

Your choices are:
TURN LEFT – Continue with your career in the corporate world or
TURN RIGHT – Start your own business?

When you decide to turn right and Start your own business, you are faced with a number of choices which include Do I do it alone or Do I buy into a franchise where I receive all the right tools, information and support with high ROI?

These are exactly the decisions our new owners make when looking into joining the Antal Network.

The decision to join Antal is not taken lightly, all owners thoroughly assess the viability of our offering and put the company under the microscope with their detailed due diligence, we would expect nothing less.

Here is a short video clip with Rupinder Dillon, Sheryaar Ahmed and Steve Lyons taken while they attended a training class, they are talking through why they made the decision to join Antal.

Could this be you? Are you serious about making use of your professional knowledge to help people and become a “career maker”….

If you would like more information please do not hesitate to send us an email on and we can start the discussions with you today.

Sharing business – key to success


At Antal International, we strive to share as much business as possible across our international Network and we encourage offices to make use of the power of local knowledge to positively influence the outcome of clients hiring decisions.

Here is a perfect example of how we do this.

Pakistan and The Netherlands shared a retainer this month for a Country Manager in Pakistan with a Dutch multinational: The client had tried to fill the roll before with help of a different recruitment agency, but our competitor did not have local presence in Pakistan. When the Amsterdam office got in touch with corporate HR, Antal’s business proposition – the local presence in Pakistan, our presence in The Netherlands, where global HQ is located and the expertise in life sciences- convinced the client to have an international teleconference with their HR, the hiring manager and Antal’s managing partners Muhammad Akram Malik and Nausherwan Akram regarding the role.

Muhammad and Naush came extremely well prepared and shared their local and global market insights with the client, as well as Muhammad’s Senior Management experience in the life sciences and chemicals industry. The client was impressed a week later the client signed a retainer agreement and handed over all the information from the previous search conducted by our competitor.

In the first week of his search Muhammad already identified more than 30 potential candidates who haven’t been contacted by our competitor. Muhammad has tirelessly been conducting in-depth interviews in the last two weeks and is about to deliver a shortlist with excellent pre-qualified candidates. Moreover, with his experience as a hiring manager and his understanding of local culture and candidates, he is able to manage the candidates in the best possible way!

This is the power of the international Antal Network!  If you would like more information on how to be part of our Network please email us on



It is going to be a big one…..

Illustration of a golden ticket on a white backgroundAntal International is planning a global conference, the size of which will dwarf all other Antal conferences.   What makes the difference this year is the company size and attendance of our China partners and newly reacquired offices in Russia and Kazakhstan.   We will especially look forward to the gala event which will hosts staff from the London head office, Smartmoves and  Parkside.   Combined with the attendance of our Company Owned and Network offices from the four corners of the globe, the conference will be huge.

I for one so love an Antal conference…. my first experience of an Antal Conference was 6 years ago; it coincided with day 1 at Antal as Operations Director….. What a first day…. I got the opportunity to meet over 100 Antal people in one go; the impression that left on me was immense.  I observed people greeting old friends and business relationships being developed over intense networking sessions.  I was in awe. Clusters of people huddled together in conversations about market trends and how to increase market share.  It was clear; each person attending was passionate about recruitment and Antal.  I was delighted to be in the middle of all the action.

The opportunity to listen to the International training guru Stephen Finkle was another highlight and I also heard about the business culture variances across the globe.  This was an eye opener and made me appreciate the extent to Antal’s globe reach.

In my view, this is the one occasion in the Antal calendar when you can get a tangible sense and appreciation how truly international the company is – just walking through the hotel lobby you overhear German, Chinese, English, Spanish, French and even a little Afrikaans.  Client names and industry insights are flying around the rooms as people connect with each other and talk through challenges and common synergies. You also get to the chance to meet all the Antal key decision makers and country heads over 2 days.

To balance this intense networking there is time for socialising and enjoying each other’s company, catching up with people who you have not seen in some time.  The fun element of team based activities is just as important.

The power of the Antal conference is so immense especially as in this day and age, with most  communications being electronic  or over the phone…. to see a person and get the chance to interact face to face is not to be underestimated.  It allows relationships to deepen and takes the next telephone conversation to another level.

As you can sense, we are so looking forward to this conference on the 30 November / 1st December and we have a number of special invitations for people that are genuinely interested in being part of our network.  This is the opportunity to lift up the “hood” and check out the Antal engine.

To be invited, message us on and we will see if we can escalate the discussions with team to get you one of those few golden tickets to join us.  

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