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The topic of corporate values is an interesting one; it enables an external person to get a sense of the common denominator connecting those working under the ANTAL company umbrella.  It is natural occurrence made possible when like minded individuals work together with common goals.

And, although intangible, clear values are vital for the success of the business.  Everyone should remain true to the values else the corporate ship may go off kilter and begin to rock.  For this reason, the team at Antal have taken considerable time to outline what values are at the core of the business – Achieve, Nurture, Trust, Aspire and Lead……

Each person working in the Network is aligned to these values and is working together.  A practical and prime example of the ANTAL values in action is the daily conference calls where as many as 12 offices from all corners of the globe discuss business development and key clients in their niche markets.

This open sharing of information and business enables the offices to use each other’s strengthens and so achieves results.    The call fosters business relationships whilst developing trust between offices and also our external clients.

Everyone with Antal is aligned to a cycle of learning and improvement, on the daily calls we also share best practice enabling us to learn from each other.  Our quest for continuous improvement and to be a leader in the world of global recruitment is indeed our common goal.

The Antal values impact each person within the organisation, Anisa Begum, our Franchise Sales Administrator follows the Antal values in her daily work and says, “Values are the foundation of my decisions, actions and behaviour, The Antal values help us achieve our goals while working together on a global scale”.

Antal International Network operates a franchise system which allows investors to join our organisation and set up their very own Antal offices internationally.  Contact the team on franchise@antal.com for more information on how you can be part of our expanding network and align yourself with our values.



Be prepared…

Mountain Bike Jump

3 key steps before you take the plunge……. into the job market…

When you are considering a career move there are 3 key steps to consider before making your move.

  1. Reflect on why you are looking for a change and what you want from your next job. Understanding your reasons for wanting to change jobs is very important as you will often be asked this question in interviews.  You also want to be sure on any move so to take a firm decision and have no regrets.  Having clear ideals for your next role will also help you identify which roles fit.
  2. Review your online profiles and dust down and rewrite your cv and covering letter. A strong presentation of your skills is needed so take time to compose your cv as clearly as possible.  It needs to be concise whilst including all key information – 2 / 3 pages long and certainly not 10 pages long!
  3. Prepare yourself for the job market. Identify recruiters who can help you best or are recommended by people you know.  You want to be sure your next career move is in the hands of someone who cares and will help you through this process.

Vicki B

Vicki Bedeman, Managing Partner, Antal South Africa

Vicki Bedeman, our Managing Partner from our office in South Africa gives her full support to the importance of this saying, “”By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin, are words to live by when putting yourself in the market place. Get all your information together first, then approach your market representative (Head hunter/Recruiter). It makes the search for yourself and your rep so much smoother. “


You will find our recruiters at Antal International are on hand to talk you through this preparation and to understand your motivations and desires for your new job.  We appreciate that changing jobs has a massive impact on everyone’s lives and we want to help you make the right move for you and your family.

Please review our live jobs on Antal.com and contact us today to talk about these in more detail.


Return on Investment conceptA vital question on the lips of anyone considering starting a business is…. What is the Return on Investment?

You will be investing into the franchise system and you have a right to know what the ROI is?  And, furthermore, what is the earning potential?

At Antal International Network, we continually improving and fine tune our franchise model. Importantly, this model is based on the 25+ years that we’ve had running our own recruitment organisation.  The franchise system has developed over the last 15+ years through hands-on experience gained from the front line of the business; it is not based on mere academics.

Our initial investment in the business is a low barrier to entry and relatively inexpensive compared to other franchise opportunities.  In addition to which, we can offer a degree of flexibility in repayments. If you work in the business in a full time capacity and start invoicing clients within the first 3 to 6 months, you will be able to track a return on your investment year on year with earning potential of £120,000 to £200,000 (Exec Search) as a single operator, to in excess of £1,000,000 per year, with a team of five.

We support you through each key stage and give you the training and executive business-coaching you need to be able to operate effectively within your chosen industry.

We have a proven formula for success, all you have to bring is your sector-specific knowledge and network of contacts you’ve acquired through your career to date, it’s time for your network to pay a lucrative annual dividend back to you.

Contact us today and earn more about how you can join our award winning International network.


Yes, you’re worth it….

Excited businessman

Do you know, as a recruiter, our sole mission in life is to find the right person for the right job?

When we look through your cv and we feel a connection based on your experience and what we know about our client – we call you.

By this stage, we have been dealing with our client in some cases for years; we know them well and can anticipate exactly the type of background and profiles that fit into their teams – that is why we may also email you.

Finding the right person for our clients can be akin to finding a ‘needle in a haystack’ , we need to put into action all our detective skills in tracking down the right person – that is why we may also text you.

So please when you see a call come through or get a voicemail about a job, please do call us back.

Antal recruiters are trying their very best to help as many people as possible and have only made this contact as we do believe you are worth it…. prove us right and speak to us about the opportunities.

One call could have a radical impact and positively change your life and career.

Together anything is possible…..

Our Market positioning

When considering joining our network, there are a few key questions you may have.  One of these questions could be about the market positioning of Antal International.  How will a new office fit into the existing network of 100+ offices?


We simply, work together to find synergy with the skills which a new owner brings to Antal and our existing offices.   Offices channel their attention into niche areas and this enables multiple offices to operate in the same psychical location.   The matrix system illustrates how our focus is not only sector specific but can be across multiple areas of industry.

We can truly add value over & above traditional transactional recruitment, adding significant value to the process by sharing our information, knowledge & experience. Global recruitment knowledge coupled with know-how gained from “in-the-field” career history enables us to offer recruitment expertise and additionally a global network of shared intelligence and resources.

In addition to this, our positioning on the market is to offer recruitment services into the “Mid to senior level” roles so avoiding the low fee highly competition space, often a focus for generalist recruitment companies.

Shaileja Sharma our Global Business Development Director adds, “The outlook for 2018 and the growth plan for the Antal Network is strong as we are open minded and look to work with professionals from a wide range of commercial backgrounds.  Together, we continually identify new areas for specialisation and focus.  Contact us today and we can find out more about how you can fit into the Antal Network and so strengthen our service offering to our clients.  “

Candidate Engagement….

Individuality concept, birds on a wire

Feeling frustrated….. you are not alone…. Increasingly, recruiters are failing to make first contact with candidates in the marketplace.  The job opportunities could be life changing but there is a low level of engagement from candidates.  This can slow down the recruitment process and also frustrate the recruiter and client no end.  Questions pop up such as:

  • Really is anyone out there?
  • Did anyone get my voicemail?
  • Did anyone get my email?

Here are 3 pointers you can put into action as a recruiter to immediately increase your candidate engagement and have more success in your communications:

  1. Review your message – make sure it is personal and relevant to the candidate. Someone is far more likely to respond to you if you have taken the time to review their CV and make reference to this in the message you leave.
  2. Find a hook – highlight a good reason for the candidate to want to talk to you – the link between the candidate’s background and the job needs to be made clear – giving the candidate a reason to call you back.
  3. Inject some energy and urgency – convey the timelines for the role and key draw factors for the job in any voicemail. People are far more likely to return a call if the message is upbeat and lively.

At Antal International, we offer training and guidance on all aspects of the recruitment process.  If you would like to join our team or start your own Antal office and be your own boss, contact us today on franchise@antal.com for more information.


Antal backs growth in the Gulf

UAE visit

Antal International’s presence in the Gulf region is growing; we have always been a company keen to establish a true international footprint with physical offices and local client contact – going beyond a “virtual office” which other recruitment companies may operate.

You are invited to meet with Tony Goodwin, Founder and Chairman of Antal International. He will be in Dubai between the 20th and 23rd September 2017 to discuss the wonderful present and glowing future of the recruitment industry in the Gulf area, particularly the Antal franchise opportunity.

Nizar Lalani, Managing Partner and Antal leader in the Gulf region will be conducting meetings with Tony Goodwin in his offices. It is a great opportunity to acquaint you with our successful business development programs and methodologies, where Nizar’s business alone has filled over 1000 important jobs in the region over the past decade. The upside potential is to fill many thousands or at excellent recruitment fees!

Please contact Anisa Begum (abegum@antal.com) right away to schedule a meeting with us and learn how you too can join us at Antal Network.

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