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Cure for the “Unemployment Syndrome”


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Over my years of recruiting, I have become increasingly aware of a syndrome I refer to as the Unemployed Syndrome.

This syndrome is evident in some unemployed people, the symptoms being commonly detected especially during long-term unemployment. The symptoms people talk about include anxiety, insomnia, hypertension, self-esteem problems, and social phobia. This makes many individuals I have spoken with feel a lack of courage, identity, and even self-esteem. All this is caused by having placed their security in a company, position, person and not its source.  In my view, this syndrome can be divided into four elements:

  1. Lack of Value
  2. Lack of Forgiveness
  3. Lack of Dimension
  4. Lack of Identity

Lack of Value:  When unemployed for some time, you may question your value; you may start to feel worthless. Expert recruiters are on hand throughout our Antal offices to discuss your work experience and position your profile with you

Lack of Forgiveness: There is an old saying “an eye for an eye”, “a tooth for a tooth”. Newton was not wrong by saying that every action deserves a reaction.

However, if in long term unemployment, it is important to be realistic about your work status and not harbour resentment about your current status, indeed this advice stands, “Letting off the offence does not make us weak but wise (Proverbs 19:11)”.  Talk to the recruiters at Antal about how we can turn your experiences into positives to demonstrate your resilience and ability to bouncy back from adversity.  Every negative can be channelled into a positive action to counteract this.

Lack of Dimension:  Although unemployment is a serious situation, it is important to keep this in perspective.  It is a challenge which can be solved.  Our recruiters will be able to assist you with a wide spectrum of opportunities some of which may make use your skills but perhaps in different industry or sectors.

Lack of Identity:  There is a big root of the unemployed syndrome and this is an identity problem. We have allowed our profession, work, and company in which we work to be synonymous with identity.  I have good news for you; you are unique and unrepeatable. Let’s talk about probabilities. According to the author of ‘The Tao of Dating’ the probability that you were born is the same as 2.5 million unknown people are together, that each of them throw a die (with 1 Trillion Sides); and, when you roll the dice, everyone falls on the same side. A miracle by definition do not you think?

Identifying these 4 points I am sure that you can generate action plans that will allow you to cancel them in your life. Do not let the Unemployed syndrome put obstacles in your job hunting. Let our team at Antal work with you to see problems as challenges which are not impossible to overcome.

Osval Orduña

Antal Recruitment Mexico

Contact us on if you are interested in joining the ANTAL team.  


Interviewing Process: Make Your Sale Work!


A few days ago, while reviewing my LinkedIn I came across discussions entitled “a job interview is a sale in which the product is the interviewee himself.

I agree wholeheartedly with this view and indeed, it got me thinking…..  to put this into perspective, we need to appreciate that the labour market is one where talent (candidates) are the supply and the demand originates from the companies (since they pay a price for that talent, salary).

On the basic principal of supply and demand, this analogy helps to clarify your role in this process as a candidate and what is important to emphasise in your interview:

  • Competitive Advantages: It is important as a candidate to focus on the main points that differentiate you from your competition. That is, those benefits that you give but that your competition ignores. During the interview process highlight all your areas of strength.
  • Value Proposal: It is vital as a candidate to know what you contribute to the company. When a recruiter or interviewer asks you your achievements; he does not refer to personal ones. The interviewer expects you to mention the value you have generated to the company. Example: I increased sales by 20%, decreased the loss by 15%, improved print quality by 10%. Specific examples will help make a powerful impact during interview.
  • Handle Objections: There will always be detectable points for which a company may not select you as an option. You must be prepared for these points and address them during the interview. Focus on developing a good objection handling speech so as not to be discarded immediately. Your recruiter will prepare you on any specific areas to discuss.

It is clear that when evaluating candidates, companies follow a purchase process (as when a person buys a car and compares the benefits it gives), this is the same process all Head Hunters, Recruiters, Talent Acquisition, and Hiring Managers apply to find the best option for the best price (Salary).

We trust by unveiling more about the recruitment process, you as a candidate appreciate how important it is to market and sell yourself as the best option for the company during interview. With more information, you will realise the importance of emphasising your strengths for the company.

Please understand we are not reducing people to mere objects but wish to highlight the procurement process underlining the principals of recruitment.  We find some candidates face overlook the fact the labour market is based on transactional lead by supply (candidates) and demand (client who hire) and they have a key part to play in this sale.

All our recruiters at Antal International are trained to work with you and prepare you for the job interview, a vital stage in the recruitment process.

Osval Orduña would be interested in any comments you have on his view shared today.

Do you agree with him?

Dynamite…. #AGC2017

dynamite stick on a wooden floor

Final preparations are underway for the biggest Antal Global Conference ever….. Key speakers have been lined up and final booking forms are being processed…. name badges being printed now (thanks to the brilliant team in London HQ)!

Sorry to disappoint but this is not an open event. 

On a positive note, we are arranging for a small number of VIP guests to attend.

If you are interested in finding out more about joining Antal and being a VIP guest, the conference would be a perfect opportunity to do so.  Over the 2 day event, 30th November and 1st December 2017 we will host close to 200 people from across the Antal Group of companies.  Participation is expected from 22 countries from across the globe, and rising.  We will surely be networking and sharing business with fury.

Other than this amazing opportunity to network and make money, other highlights of the conference include our guest speaker and Olympian, Derek Redman and the genuine and unedited insights shared by our own business leaders.  Their vast knowledge of recruitment is world class and their speeches are always riveting.  We are also allocating time to learn from experts on the impact GDPR will have on our business, a topic which is on many recruiter’s minds.

And, as the excitement builds, all our attendees are taking time out to network and make connections with people in similar sectors and specialisation before the conference.  We are making sure every moment spent at the conference will be dynamite!

To get one of the special VIP tickets, please reach out to us today on and our team will be in touch to discuss this further.


Top 3 CV writing tips….

Question What Is Your Story ?

Writing down your life story into one document can be a daunting and time-consuming task…. Just where do you start?

Here are 3 Top Tips to help you take the first steps…

  1. Stand out from the crowd…. Make sure your cv details what makes you different from other candidates. Read the job specification carefully and tailor your cv to this but highlighting projects and experiences you have had which are relevant to the job. This is especially important as it is not possible to include every aspect of your career into one document, so you need to focus on the key areas you know are important for the job.  For example, if it is a management position in a high-pressure environment, detail on your cv examples of having worked in similar situations and draw out comparisons.
  2. Be crystal clear….. Make sure your cv is not only well formatted but also well written. Errors can be off putting for employers.  Ask someone to read through this and give their view as a second pair of eyes is more likely to spot errors.  Your cv should not be too long either, limit yourself to 2 to 3 pages at the very most.
  3. Keep your details current…. Dust down your cv from time to time and update this with the most recent projects. Ask for recommendations from line management for your social media profiles and make sure these mirror the content in your cv.

All our recruiters across the Antal Network of offices offer guidance on how to improve your written presentation for job applications and the first impression counts.  The hiring manager will judge you solely on your cv application, so you need to take the time to ensure you make an impact.

Why recruitment?


Why recruitment?   Why Not!!!!

If you find yourself at the point in your professional and personal life when you have decided to explore self-employment or business ventures, why not consider a career in Recruitment?

The role of the recruiter is to source talent for key projects both locally and on an international scale.  To succeed in this, you need to be able to do the following:

  • Networking – central to the role of all recruiters is networking, you need to be able to talk with people and develop relationships with ease. Much of the job relays on telephone calls and face to face meetings so you need to be comfortable with this. You may have worked for many years in the corporate world and be very well connected; if you move into the world of recruiting you can make these connections return dividends for your business.
  • Determination – resilience and determination to speak to the right decision makers, find the right candidate and find solutions to issues are all skills which recruiters use daily. Having a deep and solid personal motivation to succeed will help to keep your progress on track.
  • Support – launching a new business, especially if you have not been a recruiter before can be challenging. If you join out Network of franchised offices, we can give you all the training and support you need so you will not be working alone.

Doug Bugie, the President of Antal International Networks adds, “If I my own brother asked me what would be the best business he should start up, I’d recommend global recruitment.”  A powerful statement that speaks volumes….

Contact us today and we can find out more about how you can fit into the Antal Network.

Time to change?

Time to change.jpg

The timing of a career change is very important; here are 3 points for you to keep in mind when making this highly important and deeply personal decision.

PLAN YOUR JOURNEY…. Review your goals – take time out of your busy day to reflect on exactly what it is you are not happy with in your current job, are these things likely to change or is it time for a move?  What is your end goal?  Having a clear goal in mind will help you develop a step by step action plan so you can achieve this.

MIND THE GAP…. Are you feeling conflicted at work – Is your moral compass out of alignment?  Do you go home after a hard day in the office with a deep seated feeling of unease?  This can happen if you see things in the work place which go against your personal and professional beliefs and any efforts to have this addressed have been ignored.  The gap between your values and those being applied in the work place could be too big so perhaps it is time to change jobs.

ALL CHANGE…. Whilst reflecting on your career, you may realise a shift in your priorities, we are often jolted to think about this at life milestones or when you are faced with a profound life changing event or the loss of someone dear.  Work / Life balance becomes a real factor as you look at just how many hours you are spending at work / commuting.  Our professional recruiters can listen and suggest roles which could be closer to home which allow you to claw back your precious time for yourself.

THIS TRAIN TERMINATES HERE…. do not hesitate to contact one our recruiters today to start planning your journey.  We will listen to your expectations and highlight any gaps to avoid.  Together, we can help you reach your chosen destination with minimal delay, stress and in comfort.

GiannisOur Managing Partner in Greece and Cyprus, Giannis Giannopoulos adds, “In today’s Corporate World, you need to constantly Reflect, Review and Prepare yourself about your career aspirations, and not only when you consider a career move. Everything changes so dramatically fast, that you need to be always updated and ready. Do build relationships with the experts in the Recruitment Industry; they are the ones who have the knowledge to advise you.

This is exactly what we are doing at Antal International, where our 140+ offices in more than 35 Countries worldwide, collaborate and share information, knowledge, and experience for the benefit of our colleagues, clients, and CANDIDATES – and we do this better than anyone in the world.”


What we value….



The topic of corporate values is an interesting one; it enables an external person to get a sense of the common denominator connecting those working under the ANTAL company umbrella.  It is natural occurrence made possible when like minded individuals work together with common goals.

And, although intangible, clear values are vital for the success of the business.  Everyone should remain true to the values else the corporate ship may go off kilter and begin to rock.  For this reason, the team at Antal have taken considerable time to outline what values are at the core of the business – Achieve, Nurture, Trust, Aspire and Lead……

Each person working in the Network is aligned to these values and is working together.  A practical and prime example of the ANTAL values in action is the daily conference calls where as many as 12 offices from all corners of the globe discuss business development and key clients in their niche markets.

This open sharing of information and business enables the offices to use each other’s strengthens and so achieves results.    The call fosters business relationships whilst developing trust between offices and also our external clients.

Everyone with Antal is aligned to a cycle of learning and improvement, on the daily calls we also share best practice enabling us to learn from each other.  Our quest for continuous improvement and to be a leader in the world of global recruitment is indeed our common goal.

The Antal values impact each person within the organisation, Anisa Begum, our Franchise Sales Administrator follows the Antal values in her daily work and says, “Values are the foundation of my decisions, actions and behaviour, The Antal values help us achieve our goals while working together on a global scale”.

Antal International Network operates a franchise system which allows investors to join our organisation and set up their very own Antal offices internationally.  Contact the team on for more information on how you can be part of our expanding network and align yourself with our values.


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