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Just as BIG…. as anticipated….


The Antal Global Conference (#AGC) is an event, the magnitude of which can only truly be appreciated by those attending.  It is a once a year gathering of all the top performing offices and business leaders from across the Antal group of companies which includes Parkside Recruitment and Smart Moves Recruitment.  The energy radiates from the conference rooms as everyone greets colleagues and friends, old and new, a marvel to witness as it adds the third dimension to many relationships, cementing connections.


Preparation for the #AGC begun early 2017 and the smooth running of the event was proof of the meticulous planning that went into the event.   Attendees and VIP guests travel from all corners of the globe to attend.  It was tipped to be the biggest ever conference for Antal.

The first day of the conference is centred on networking and discussions about the Antal business.   Tony Goodwin, our Antal Founder, opened the conference with his welcome message which encouraged everyone attending to network and share as much business as possible to ensure a return on the invested cost of attending the event.  The theme of the conference, Tony explained, was one of being proud of who and what everyone at Antal had and will achieve.

During the Owners meeting, in appreciation of the magnitude of pending GDPR legislation, time was carved into the agenda for our expert speaker from Law Speed to explain the significance and steps needed to be compliant with the new data regulations.

Carlos Benito our Networks training guru took to the floor to lay down the gauntlet, he challenged those interested to make 2018 the best year ever to join the “Million club” or the Super Biller club.  Carlos captivated the room with his practical advice on framing questions in order to get the right answer, that at the end of the session, everyone was keen for more.

Doug Bugie, President of Antal Networks, Ashleigh Fitzgerald, Operations Director and Tony Goodwin took centre stage in an open session where questions and comments from owners were welcomed.  The session offered a frank and open exchange with participation from a wide number of owners, key areas of further discussion and improvement were highlighted.

The day closed with an opportunity for everyone to Network and share business before an evening of team building and fun.

The next day was an early start, everyone was rearing to go.  Tony opened the day by sharing key indicators from the recruitment market, impressive evidence that demonstrated the industry has significant depth and sustainability.  Tony also discussed the activity and performance levels across the industry and challenged everyone to find solutions to reverse the trends in performance, he argued that the end of the month should not be the peak of activity; this should be eventually spread through the month.  This would have a positive impact on the results too.  The map of Antal’s global recruitment capability made for a powerful illustration of the company’s expanding reach and also, more importantly where there was further opportunity to tap into and explore!


We were privileged to have Dererk Redmond as our guest speaker, his address really hit home as he stressed the preparation needed to achieve his sporting success could be mirrored in business.  There was not a ‘dry eye in the house’ as he moved us with his deeply emotional and heartfelt life challenges, we all felt his pain and we all celebrated his success.  He emphasised the importance of having PRIDE in one’s self and this being a driver for continual improvement.

A spot of “speed dating” was called for in the next session, to facilitate this, the room shifted from table to table, person to person to maximise the opportunity for sharing business.

Carlos Benito then hosted a key session on LinkedIn Optimisation with insights into the importance of your personal brand with search tips & tricks.  He also followed up on his previous session by challenging the room to follow his techniques and with 2 Hours extra a week, increase fees by + £ / US$ / € 50,000 per year – the room was buzzing with excitement.

In the next session, Jonathan Edwards detailed how Antal China has embraced ultra specialisation.  This session gave a fascinating insight into the steps Antal China had taken to channel the business through specialised teams, the results have been remarkable.

Following lunch, Michael Germershausen and Luc Jones electrified the room with their narrative the development of the Russia business, from the grass roots through to the impressive return to the Antal family.  Everyone warmly welcomed them back.

A seasoned recruitment speaker, Greg Peake reminded us about the importance of taking the time to talk and also not to overlook the basics.  Greg’s session was both thoughtful and engaging as it traced the steps to ensure successful selling.

Derek Redmond took to the stage again; we were all in awe, not only of his impressive sporting achievements and his track record but also his advice, if applied would make anything possible.  Derek through adversity and challenges went onto win a gold medal and wow, he is quick on the Rubik’s cube!  He gave the room a lot to reflect on.

The team building session was a surprise and took the majority of the room out their comfort zones.  For those that gave it a try, it was a blast…. literally!  We were all very PROUD of ourselves and our musical accomplishment.

What a day, what a conference, Tony rounded up the event with a hearty thanks to the team for arranging and running a successful conference and to the each of the speakers for sharing their inspiring and motivational messages so openly.

There was a quick turn round for evening drinks and the awards dinner…. the climax of the conference.  There was great anticipation for the awards, to be nominated or to win an award is a great achievement as they are hotly contested and well deserved….

  • New Comer of the Year – Company Owned – Terrance Tham – Antal China
  • New Comer of the Year – Networks – Gareth Stoten – Antal Tunbridge Wells
  • High Achiever – Company Owned – Max Zeiler – Antal Germany
  • High Achieving – Network Office – Nizar Lalani / Antal Dubai
  • High Achieving – Company Owned Office – Antal Italy
  • Truly International Office of the Year – Antal Spain
  • Support of the Year – Marvin George – Antal London HQ
  • Antal Brand Builder of the Year – Antal Russia
  • Key Account of the Year – Financial sector – Antal China
  • Top Perm Biller – Company Owned – Nadeem Valecha – Parkside Recruitment
  • Top Franchise Biller – Arnaud Sportouch – Antal Paris
  • Top Temporary Biller – Stuart John – Parkside Recruitment
  • Office of the year – Company Owned – Antal China
  • Office of the year – Networks – Joe Devasia – Antal Mumbai
  • Antal Spirit Award – Antal Mexico and Jo Barr / Lucy Cox / Molly Atkins – Parkside Recruitment
  • Chairman’s Award for Excellence – Sugar Ruparelia – Antal London HQ

A special mention for a dear colleague, Vanessa Lungley, Parkside Recruitment, who is no longer with us from Mike Ryall, was both fitting and emotional as the whole room stood to applaud her memory.

Now, it is fair to say that Milton Keynes, although not an obvious choice of the venue served us well and we enjoyed having access to the rather impressive football stadium setting for our networking and conference events.  The function room was so vast, the 14ft foot dividers folded back effortlessly as we needed more space.  There was no need to clear the floor a wait while the room was prepared for dancing….  the party could begin immediately!  A perfect ending to a great conference!

Post conference, the feedback has been very positive and what delights us most is the volume of business many people have taken back to their office…. so completing the conference challenge, to network and share enough business to make the conference pay for itself!

Did you want to be part of the Antal Network?  The benefits of joining our Network as a partner are extensive and enable you to fast track your business performance… Contact us on, we will listen to your aspirations and talk you through the steps needed to join the team.




Dynamite…. #AGC2017

dynamite stick on a wooden floor

Final preparations are underway for the biggest Antal Global Conference ever….. Key speakers have been lined up and final booking forms are being processed…. name badges being printed now (thanks to the brilliant team in London HQ)!

Sorry to disappoint but this is not an open event. 

On a positive note, we are arranging for a small number of VIP guests to attend.

If you are interested in finding out more about joining Antal and being a VIP guest, the conference would be a perfect opportunity to do so.  Over the 2 day event, 30th November and 1st December 2017 we will host close to 200 people from across the Antal Group of companies.  Participation is expected from 22 countries from across the globe, and rising.  We will surely be networking and sharing business with fury.

Other than this amazing opportunity to network and make money, other highlights of the conference include our guest speaker and Olympian, Derek Redman and the genuine and unedited insights shared by our own business leaders.  Their vast knowledge of recruitment is world class and their speeches are always riveting.  We are also allocating time to learn from experts on the impact GDPR will have on our business, a topic which is on many recruiter’s minds.

And, as the excitement builds, all our attendees are taking time out to network and make connections with people in similar sectors and specialisation before the conference.  We are making sure every moment spent at the conference will be dynamite!

To get one of the special VIP tickets, please reach out to us today on and our team will be in touch to discuss this further.



Return on Investment conceptA vital question on the lips of anyone considering starting a business is…. What is the Return on Investment?

You will be investing into the franchise system and you have a right to know what the ROI is?  And, furthermore, what is the earning potential?

At Antal International Network, we continually improving and fine tune our franchise model. Importantly, this model is based on the 25+ years that we’ve had running our own recruitment organisation.  The franchise system has developed over the last 15+ years through hands-on experience gained from the front line of the business; it is not based on mere academics.

Our initial investment in the business is a low barrier to entry and relatively inexpensive compared to other franchise opportunities.  In addition to which, we can offer a degree of flexibility in repayments. If you work in the business in a full time capacity and start invoicing clients within the first 3 to 6 months, you will be able to track a return on your investment year on year with earning potential of £120,000 to £200,000 (Exec Search) as a single operator, to in excess of £1,000,000 per year, with a team of five.

We support you through each key stage and give you the training and executive business-coaching you need to be able to operate effectively within your chosen industry.

We have a proven formula for success, all you have to bring is your sector-specific knowledge and network of contacts you’ve acquired through your career to date, it’s time for your network to pay a lucrative annual dividend back to you.

Contact us today and earn more about how you can join our award winning International network.


No need to go solo

No need to go solo when starting up.  It is a daunting prospect, breaking free of the chains of the corporate life and starting up your own business.  When you join the Antal International Network, you are not alone – you have support from a highly experienced franchise team each step of the way.  Antal International has been trading for over 25 years and is a leading international recruitment company – focused on mid to senior level executive recruitment across a wide spectrum of industries and disciplines.  The Antal franchise offering has been fine tuned over the last 15 years and is a proven model.


No need to go solo as we have a network of over 130 offices across the globe; this automatically allows you to offer clients an international recruitment solution as you can rely on the support and collaboration of Network offices.

No need to go solo as we plug you into our shared knowledge pool and provide an open book on all the placements Antal has made historically at your finger tips to search and analyse.

No need to go solo as all Network offices have access to a comprehensive pre-induction and induction training course which equips you to fine tune your commercial skills to be able to offer recruitment services following the Antal model.  Offices although have open access to off the shelf training material and regular live interactive webinars which allow you to learn at your own pace.

No need to go solo as once you are trained and ready to trade, we set you up with a microsite, email, business cards and brochures and give you a range of marketing tools which you can customise for your office.  This means you are not caught up in administration but are ready to hit the ground running.

Call us today for more information on how you can join our Network of offices and be part of the team email us on

Feeling stuck in repeat mode?

Brochure page 1

If you keep doing the same thing you will get the same results!

Antal International has the key to unlock your potential. Look, we get it, the 9-6 can be so draining, pressing buttons and making calls, hitting targets that has been put in place for you. Your days are so consistent, life is too short to live the same day twice! Imagine breaking free from the corporate world and entering the world of entrepreneurship. Antal International has 140+ offices and present in 33 countries which is growing as we speak, so why not join our team and contribute as we take the company from strength to strength.

Brochure page 2

Antal is on the look out for YOU, yes YOU! The reader who is probably stuck in an office somewhere reading articles to pass time.

  • Do you have a passion for recruitment and interested in setting up your own recruitment company via Antal International?
  • Do you want change?
  • Can you afford to invest £25,000 to run your own recruitment agency?

If you answered YES to all of the above then let’s have a discussion. Please visit our website to learn more Antal Franchising Network

Awards dinner

I have a very special invitation for those who are serious about running their own recruitment agency via Antal International.

The Russo-British Chamber of Commerce has an exclusive Gala Dinner to Celebrate the successful business relations between Great Britian and Russia held in London, including our very own success story : Antal International reacquires Antal Russia

If you would like more information about this exclusive event please email me as seats are limited.

Antal Global Snapshot – 20th Edition

The Antal Global Snapshot 20 has finally begun for the Summer and we would like for you to take part in this incredible survey that will forecast hiring and firing trends in over forty key countries worldwide.

It will help measure which sectors and disciplines are looking for new talent and which areas are letting their staff members go, it also shows in great detail the skill sets that are in demand and where the current action is.

#AGS20 surveys are offered in a range of different languages available for you to help forecast the hiring and firing trends in those locations around the world.

To have a look at the exciting new website of the AGS, please head over to or to head straight to the survey section on the website, please head over to:


Antal International reacquires Antal Russia

International recruitment firm Antal International has just announced the acquisition of its original subsidiary “Antal Russia” after having divested this business nine years ago to the FiveTen Group.

Antal Russia was sold to the FiveTen Group in 2008 for Investment opportunities and was the largest private recruitment company to be sold in Russia at the time. “We are delighted to reacquire Antal Russia allowing us to expand our reach across Europe. It fits into our global strategy” says Sagar Ruparelia, Group Financial Director of Antal International.

Antal_Russia_2Reacquiring Antal Russia is a solid move; obtaining an astounding head count of 130 + staff members  across 4 offices located in the capital, Moscow, as well as Saint-Petersburg, Kazan and Almaty located in Kazakhstan. The superb management team, led by Antal Russia stalwart Michael Germershausen, have continued to develop the business despite the difficulties of the Russian economy over the past few years. They will bring experience, expertise, enthusiasm, synergy and energy into the Antal International Group Companies – and they will be welcomed back with open arms.

“We are looking forward to welcoming Antal Russia back into the fold, they are definitely a terrific business, they are a recruitment firm that operates in several specialist sectors in Russia, it’s worth noting that Antal Russia has always been an ‘Antal Brand’ and only delivered the best” says Sagar Ruparelia

With this returning of Antal Russia to the Antal family, Antal International now has 884 staff members with a comprehensive 146+ offices located worldwide making Tony Goodwin, the CEO of Antal International, a true global entrepreneurial leader in the recruitment industry.

“My vision is to discover talent, not just in the UK but across the globe. Whether it is Moscow, Milan, Madrid, Dubai, Shanghai or Milton Keynes we will work collaboratively for the benefit of all our Clients, Candidates and Colleagues. Bringing Antal Russia back to the group is most definitely one of our greatest accomplishments. It really is with the greatest of pleasure and personal delight that we announce in our 25th year of business not just what is a bold business acquisition but personal completion of history for Antal and me as the founder.  Bringing back into the Antal family, I would like to welcome back Antal Russia. 

Russia has always been a country that has fascinated me throughout my life; the history, the culture (unfortunately the language beat me!) the politics, the Tsars the Romanov’s through the Bolshevik revolution (100 this year) Lenin, Stalin, Breshnev to Gorbechov, Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin. Who cannot be intrigued and fascinated by the biggest geographical country in the world, covering 11 different time zones!

I always wanted to do business with Russia and was sceptical of many of the bias, negative reports that came out of Russia from 1980’s. It a great country with incredibly strong, resilient, resourceful people. None better educated in the world with a perspective on life completely different to the European countries I had grown up with.

Whilst I know that many European businesses have struggled in Russia, Antal flourished under the guidance and leadership of Michael Germershausen, Luc Jones and Natalia Kurkchi, all of who are still with the business and have a combined tenure approaching 50 Antal years.

We have every confidence that the economic turnaround has begun in Russia after 3-4 lean and difficult years (which has actually strengthened Russia’s manufacturing and agriculture capabilities) and that the political landscape will also return to a more collaborative posture in the next 1-2 years.

I am looking forward to helping Antal Russia re-engage with the rest of the Antal world and will enjoy the party to celebrate this!” says Tony Goodwin, CEO of Antal International.

The FiveTen Group was advised on this transaction by Blackwood Capital Group. Ronny Grosman, Managing Partner of Blackwood Capital Group commented; “I believe this is a win-win situation for both the Sellers and the Purchasers. The Five Ten Group can now divert its full focus towards their home market in the UK whilst having found the optimal solution for its Russian business both for its customers and also for its loyal workforce. Antal International get their Russian business back which still carries their brand name and are present again in one of the world’s most important markets.”

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