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Feeling stuck in repeat mode?

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If you keep doing the same thing you will get the same results!

Antal International has the key to unlock your potential. Look, we get it, the 9-6 can be so draining, pressing buttons and making calls, hitting targets that has been put in place for you. Your days are so consistent, life is too short to live the same day twice! Imagine breaking free from the corporate world and entering the world of entrepreneurship. Antal International has 140+ offices and present in 33 countries which is growing as we speak, so why not join our team and contribute as we take the company from strength to strength.

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Antal is on the look out for YOU, yes YOU! The reader who is probably stuck in an office somewhere reading articles to pass time.

  • Do you have a passion for recruitment and interested in setting up your own recruitment company via Antal International?
  • Do you want change?
  • Can you afford to invest £25,000 to run your own recruitment agency?

If you answered YES to all of the above then let’s have a discussion. Please visit our website to learn more Antal Franchising Network

Awards dinner

I have a very special invitation for those who are serious about running their own recruitment agency via Antal International.

The Russo-British Chamber of Commerce has an exclusive Gala Dinner to Celebrate the successful business relations between Great Britian and Russia held in London, including our very own success story : Antal International reacquires Antal Russia

If you would like more information about this exclusive event please email me as seats are limited.

Antal Global Snapshot – 20th Edition

The Antal Global Snapshot 20 has finally begun for the Summer and we would like for you to take part in this incredible survey that will forecast hiring and firing trends in over forty key countries worldwide.

It will help measure which sectors and disciplines are looking for new talent and which areas are letting their staff members go, it also shows in great detail the skill sets that are in demand and where the current action is.

#AGS20 surveys are offered in a range of different languages available for you to help forecast the hiring and firing trends in those locations around the world.

To have a look at the exciting new website of the AGS, please head over to or to head straight to the survey section on the website, please head over to:


Antal International reacquires Antal Russia

International recruitment firm Antal International has just announced the acquisition of its original subsidiary “Antal Russia” after having divested this business nine years ago to the FiveTen Group.

Antal Russia was sold to the FiveTen Group in 2008 for Investment opportunities and was the largest private recruitment company to be sold in Russia at the time. “We are delighted to reacquire Antal Russia allowing us to expand our reach across Europe. It fits into our global strategy” says Sagar Ruparelia, Group Financial Director of Antal International.

Antal_Russia_2Reacquiring Antal Russia is a solid move; obtaining an astounding head count of 130 + staff members  across 4 offices located in the capital, Moscow, as well as Saint-Petersburg, Kazan and Almaty located in Kazakhstan. The superb management team, led by Antal Russia stalwart Michael Germershausen, have continued to develop the business despite the difficulties of the Russian economy over the past few years. They will bring experience, expertise, enthusiasm, synergy and energy into the Antal International Group Companies – and they will be welcomed back with open arms.

“We are looking forward to welcoming Antal Russia back into the fold, they are definitely a terrific business, they are a recruitment firm that operates in several specialist sectors in Russia, it’s worth noting that Antal Russia has always been an ‘Antal Brand’ and only delivered the best” says Sagar Ruparelia

With this returning of Antal Russia to the Antal family, Antal International now has 884 staff members with a comprehensive 146+ offices located worldwide making Tony Goodwin, the CEO of Antal International, a true global entrepreneurial leader in the recruitment industry.

“My vision is to discover talent, not just in the UK but across the globe. Whether it is Moscow, Milan, Madrid, Dubai, Shanghai or Milton Keynes we will work collaboratively for the benefit of all our Clients, Candidates and Colleagues. Bringing Antal Russia back to the group is most definitely one of our greatest accomplishments. It really is with the greatest of pleasure and personal delight that we announce in our 25th year of business not just what is a bold business acquisition but personal completion of history for Antal and me as the founder.  Bringing back into the Antal family, I would like to welcome back Antal Russia. 

Russia has always been a country that has fascinated me throughout my life; the history, the culture (unfortunately the language beat me!) the politics, the Tsars the Romanov’s through the Bolshevik revolution (100 this year) Lenin, Stalin, Breshnev to Gorbechov, Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin. Who cannot be intrigued and fascinated by the biggest geographical country in the world, covering 11 different time zones!

I always wanted to do business with Russia and was sceptical of many of the bias, negative reports that came out of Russia from 1980’s. It a great country with incredibly strong, resilient, resourceful people. None better educated in the world with a perspective on life completely different to the European countries I had grown up with.

Whilst I know that many European businesses have struggled in Russia, Antal flourished under the guidance and leadership of Michael Germershausen, Luc Jones and Natalia Kurkchi, all of who are still with the business and have a combined tenure approaching 50 Antal years.

We have every confidence that the economic turnaround has begun in Russia after 3-4 lean and difficult years (which has actually strengthened Russia’s manufacturing and agriculture capabilities) and that the political landscape will also return to a more collaborative posture in the next 1-2 years.

I am looking forward to helping Antal Russia re-engage with the rest of the Antal world and will enjoy the party to celebrate this!” says Tony Goodwin, CEO of Antal International.

The FiveTen Group was advised on this transaction by Blackwood Capital Group. Ronny Grosman, Managing Partner of Blackwood Capital Group commented; “I believe this is a win-win situation for both the Sellers and the Purchasers. The Five Ten Group can now divert its full focus towards their home market in the UK whilst having found the optimal solution for its Russian business both for its customers and also for its loyal workforce. Antal International get their Russian business back which still carries their brand name and are present again in one of the world’s most important markets.”

New expansion for Antal International

Antal International is pleased to announce the opening of 2 new offices in May 2017. One office will be based in London, UK and the second office in Saudi Arabia.


Jesus San Juan Suarez will be the new Antal Franchise Owner opening the office in London. He is a Spanish national, father of two, who has an MBA in Accounting & Finance from the Maastricht School of Management. He also has a Bachelor’s Degree from Hotel Management School Les Roches and a Real Estate Investment Certificate from Cornell University.

Jesus has an International career in the Hospitality industry, working for top international brands as well as independent properties in Europe, the Caribbean, North and South America and East Africa. He has over 15 years of experience as a Hotel General Manager, Corporate Hotel General Manager and Head of Sales and Marketing Departments. As an Entrepreneur, he founded a Consultancy firm specialized in the East African hospitality sector that currently runs projects in Kenya and Ethiopia.

Jesus is fluent in 6 languages, Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, German and Italian and will be a very international addition to our global team!

During his free time, Jesus also enjoys writing, traveling and sailing with friends and family.

Zubair A. Sobani and Amir Khurshid will be the new Franchise Owners opening the office in Saudi Arabia as partners.

As CEO, Entrepreneur and Turnaround expert, Zubair Sobani has a long list of achievements under his belt during his eminent career of 28 years. He has successfully led brands like Toyota and Nissan. He is also experienced in Consulting, Retail and Venture Capital in the Middle East, Canada, USA and Pakistan. Now steering a few of his own business initiatives, Zubair’s advice is highly valued in Business Planning & Transformation, Supply Chain, Product Positioning and Strategy. He has developed these skillsets upon the solid foundations as a professional Chartered Accountant and Cost & Management Accountant.

Amir Khurshid brings to the Antal operation over 23 years of well-rounded experience in the Automotive value-chain, Franchise Development, FMCG, Packaging, Consulting and Academia. He has led strategy implementation for the world’s best-known brands in KSA including Robert Bosch, Mercedes-Benz, Knorr-Bremse, Zexel, Velyen Istobal etc.

Amir’s latest assignment has been as General Manager for Kumho Tires in KSA. He earned his MBA from Warwick Business School, UK as a Britannia Chevening scholar. He also holds a Masters degree in Public Administration.

Our new Owners were welcomed in London early May, participating in the induction training to prepare them for their new and exciting venture, becoming their own boss as well as professional recruiters.

We wish them all the best and we will be there to help and support them each step of the way.

Phone Calls – Secrets of Success

When you start your new journey becoming a franchise Owner with Antal International, you do it for various reasons: wanting to build your own company, become your own boss, be independent, and get a more flexible lifestyle but you also like helping people move into the right direction.

Multiethnic Group of People Meeting in the Office

This is a vital part of the business as you will be placing candidates in new jobs that will make them grow and prosper, but you will also on the other hand find great employees for companies that want to build up their offices.

But even if good efforts and good planning are vital for the running of your own business, the secret of success in a recruitment career lies in your ability and your enjoyment to talk to people.

Starting out on a daily basis, you will need to plan and make a high level of calls to potential hiring managers to get job orders.

Your weekly plan should include hundreds of phone calls.

Assume there are 4 hiring managers per company—start at the highest level and then work down and across the organization.

You will make contact with 3 -5 of a 70 target and perhaps, get 2-5 call backs within a week, that is it.

Then in 3-4 days, make all the calls again to those whom you did not get in touch with.

Then, to supplement your phone calls, on day 2-5, pending your action, you should hit key hiring managers, executives on Social Media platforms. Those emails should be constructed off phone time hours and sent either on weekends, in the early hours of the morning or after phone time, for example during daily planning time.

You need to prepare a good follow up voicemail for your third call as well as a follow up email!

Starting your own recruitment company is a new journey and at Antal International, we take this journey with you giving you advice and tips every step of the way but the success of your company is in your hands alone!

Now you know one of our secrets to success…

You want to find out more? Contact us on or

Antal International opens 4 new offices globally

We are happy to announce that we have just opened 4 new offices across the UK and in South Africa.

The training was mid-March in our London headquarters and it was a real pleasure having these new owners on board, greeted by Tony Goodwin, Antal’s CEO and Founder, as well as the office staff and Franchise Support Team.

The new offices will be focussing on some key sectors which compliment the service offering from other Antal offices, so we are not only opening new offices but also new horizons and possibilities for the whole Network. Some existing sectors will be Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Medical Devices and Life Science and some of the newer industries are real estate management and back office space management.

The Office in London, Heathrow will be led by Rupinder Dhillon, our new office in Birmingham will be opened by Steve Lyons, an office in Brighton, the first one in this rapidly developing city on the UK coast, will be led by Sheryaar Ahmed and the new office in Johannesburg, South Africa, is opened by Vicki Bedeman.

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Is my Glass half full or half empty?

How hard is it making money from recruitment?

It’s not as hard as you might think, in fact the problem often comes from the recruiters themselves, they make it hard on themselves!

Why do they make it hard?

To answer this question is simple, recruiters tend to over think, answer their own questions negatively before asking the clients/candidates, over analyse the situation, they are often afraid of rejection, value what they do to the extreme and finish by doing nothing, creating even more complications etc.

darts board

IN FACT – recruiters make the whole experience very human, but what if we looked at recruitment through the processor of a computer? Let’s call it the computers point of view.

The process would be rather simple:

Great candidate + Hiring company + Telephone + strong process = Revenue

Yes it can be that easy but people tend to create problems – not the market!

Some recruiters can waste weeks and months blaming everything but themselves laboring over deals because they need a retainer, haven’t qualified the role, desperately need the business etc.

But some recruiters seem to forget how much their time is worth.

We have seen recruitment regress hardworking intelligent people back into shy individuals who value the service they offer but over complicate things. The most common one we see is consultants who accept roles at 27.5% retained and then they bill nothing for 6 months, they spend 1000+ hours trying to fill the role, pin all their hopes on completing this, don’t market and when they do finally complete the project they have to start again.
But there is importantly also the other end of the spectrum, consultants who research the niche, find great candidates, find openings in the market, find a niche that works and don’t really care about how much the end delivers knowing one thing! They are making money and growing business relationships with clients and candidates.

Why are these consultants successful, simple – TIME SPENT = SMART TIME = FEE, now that is a method everyone can work with.

So we shouldn’t forget that everyone is human but working smart with confidence, bringing quality to the market place and building long term relationships with both clients and candidates has never hurt anyone.

So in conclusion, is it hard to make money from recruitment?

NO, making money out of recruitment is not hard – people make it hard.

Do you want to have a mixture of both? Do you prefer one over the other? Then pull out a blank piece of paper and write down what is stopping you – write down your problems and if you want! – Let’s overcome them as an Antal family.

If you want to, we can help get you there!

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