Phone Calls – Secrets of Success

When you start your new journey becoming a franchise Owner with Antal International, you do it for various reasons: wanting to build your own company, become your own boss, be independent, and get a more flexible lifestyle but you also like helping people move into the right direction.

Multiethnic Group of People Meeting in the Office

This is a vital part of the business as you will be placing candidates in new jobs that will make them grow and prosper, but you will also on the other hand find great employees for companies that want to build up their offices.

But even if good efforts and good planning are vital for the running of your own business, the secret of success in a recruitment career lies in your ability and your enjoyment to talk to people.

Starting out on a daily basis, you will need to plan and make a high level of calls to potential hiring managers to get job orders.

Your weekly plan should include hundreds of phone calls.

Assume there are 4 hiring managers per company—start at the highest level and then work down and across the organization.

You will make contact with 3 -5 of a 70 target and perhaps, get 2-5 call backs within a week, that is it.

Then in 3-4 days, make all the calls again to those whom you did not get in touch with.

Then, to supplement your phone calls, on day 2-5, pending your action, you should hit key hiring managers, executives on Social Media platforms. Those emails should be constructed off phone time hours and sent either on weekends, in the early hours of the morning or after phone time, for example during daily planning time.

You need to prepare a good follow up voicemail for your third call as well as a follow up email!

Starting your own recruitment company is a new journey and at Antal International, we take this journey with you giving you advice and tips every step of the way but the success of your company is in your hands alone!

Now you know one of our secrets to success…

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Antal International opens 4 new offices globally

We are happy to announce that we have just opened 4 new offices across the UK and in South Africa.

The training was mid-March in our London headquarters and it was a real pleasure having these new owners on board, greeted by Tony Goodwin, Antal’s CEO and Founder, as well as the office staff and Franchise Support Team.

The new offices will be focussing on some key sectors which compliment the service offering from other Antal offices, so we are not only opening new offices but also new horizons and possibilities for the whole Network. Some existing sectors will be Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Medical Devices and Life Science and some of the newer industries are real estate management and back office space management.

The Office in London, Heathrow will be led by Rupinder Dhillon, our new office in Birmingham will be opened by Steve Lyons, an office in Brighton, the first one in this rapidly developing city on the UK coast, will be led by Sheryaar Ahmed and the new office in Johannesburg, South Africa, is opened by Vicki Bedeman.

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We are pleased to introduce Laurent Solomé-Genevray, Antal International Owner and Managing Partner of one of our Paris offices. Laurent is leading the way on sharing business internationally having successfully connected countries on opposite sides of the globe – France and China. His main focus is on the automotive industry and in particular the B2B service sectors.

In discussing his achievements, Laurent explained that the process begun when he launched his Antal office in June 2016. Part of this procedure involved Laurent networking with contacts across the Automotive industry in France. It soon became apparent to Laurent that there were many opportunities with French companies expanding to China and these companies required French nationals to relocate. Some companies were struggling in China to attract the right resource due to cultural variances and also time differences. As Antal has a well established and successful office network in China, Laurent was keen to capitalise on this and find a solution for the clients.

From this starting point, Laurent developed his network of potential clients, over a number of months, and identified 10 key decisions makers in French companies which he was able to approach in China. Jonathan Edwards, the Country Managing Director of Antal China was more than happy to collaborate with Laurent and went one step further and funded the business trip. This was in exchange for the introduction opportunities being opened by Laurent for Antal China.

Laurent arranged 8 meetings / conference calls with the highest level of local contacts in China. Each meeting was attended by Laurent and a representative from Antal China offices. Laurent was able to formally introduce the Antal recruitment solution to the clients with a warm and familiar welcome in French and the rest of the meeting being held in English. Laurent said where necessary, he inputted in French to overcome small translation questions which the clients greatly appreciated as this smoothed the flow of conversation.

The result of this international collaboration is an impressive pipeline of international trade with these French companies based in China.

In order to replicate this success, the model of sharing has been extended by Tony Goodwin, Group CEO & Chairman of Antal International; he has pledged to cover the cost the business travel expenses should other Antal offices be able to leverage international contacts at the same high level and scale as Laurent achieved.

The challenge has been set in stone….. we look forward to reporting on the next major success on sharing business internationally across the Antal Network.

Is my Glass half full or half empty?

How hard is it making money from recruitment?

It’s not as hard as you might think, in fact the problem often comes from the recruiters themselves, they make it hard on themselves!

Why do they make it hard?

To answer this question is simple, recruiters tend to over think, answer their own questions negatively before asking the clients/candidates, over analyse the situation, they are often afraid of rejection, value what they do to the extreme and finish by doing nothing, creating even more complications etc.

darts board

IN FACT – recruiters make the whole experience very human, but what if we looked at recruitment through the processor of a computer? Let’s call it the computers point of view.

The process would be rather simple:

Great candidate + Hiring company + Telephone + strong process = Revenue

Yes it can be that easy but people tend to create problems – not the market!

Some recruiters can waste weeks and months blaming everything but themselves laboring over deals because they need a retainer, haven’t qualified the role, desperately need the business etc.

But some recruiters seem to forget how much their time is worth.

We have seen recruitment regress hardworking intelligent people back into shy individuals who value the service they offer but over complicate things. The most common one we see is consultants who accept roles at 27.5% retained and then they bill nothing for 6 months, they spend 1000+ hours trying to fill the role, pin all their hopes on completing this, don’t market and when they do finally complete the project they have to start again.
But there is importantly also the other end of the spectrum, consultants who research the niche, find great candidates, find openings in the market, find a niche that works and don’t really care about how much the end delivers knowing one thing! They are making money and growing business relationships with clients and candidates.

Why are these consultants successful, simple – TIME SPENT = SMART TIME = FEE, now that is a method everyone can work with.

So we shouldn’t forget that everyone is human but working smart with confidence, bringing quality to the market place and building long term relationships with both clients and candidates has never hurt anyone.

So in conclusion, is it hard to make money from recruitment?

NO, making money out of recruitment is not hard – people make it hard.

Do you want to have a mixture of both? Do you prefer one over the other? Then pull out a blank piece of paper and write down what is stopping you – write down your problems and if you want! – Let’s overcome them as an Antal family.

If you want to, we can help get you there!

You Are Invited To The Exclusive Conference Call

Global Recruitment is Strong and Getting Stronger.

…In fact, Antal International recruiting mid to senior executives has never been better! The global industry in general is thriving.

Own and build a highly profitable business with a surprisingly low investment.

Leverage your background, experience and success with our 25 year track record in over 150 franchised offices across 35 countries. Antal is clearly the world leader in franchising with 50,000 + job placement’s between 45k – 250k euros, $ and £.

Doug Bugie the President of Antal, who has 32 years of experience in this industry in over 40 counties, will be hosting an exclusive conference call.

Taking questions and provided detailed information for as much time as it takes, on the following dates:

Friday 17th February 2017
12pm EST/ 5pm GMT

Monday 20th February 2017
9am EST / 2pm GMT

Please contact Anisa Begum ( to secure your place on this great opportunity


A journey with Antal International

We encourage you daily to take start a business with us and for some this is a leap of faith, you take your life and future into your own hands and make things happen.   We can inspire you but more importantly, we show you that these are not just empty attractive promises.

The best evidence we have is direct quotes from one of our owners who just celebrated his 4 year anniversary with us. It has not been an easy journey, but when is it ever?  Starting your own business is not for the faint hearted.

Hands framing 2017

Our Owner started his recruitment franchise on his own, limiting his focus in order to learn how to recruit and place people. This has unfortunately also limited his results but it enabled him to focus on learning the right approach and the Antal ways and methodology.

After 2 rather slow starting years, he got to a stage where he was able to scale up his business. In his years 3 and 4 he managed a team of 4 recruitment consultants. He is now 100% dedicated and focused on the placements they are all doing together, their activity amount has constantly increased, he manages to attract new clients and the right candidates. His business is doing well and can only get better. He is still learning a great amount as there are always new techniques and skills that can be improved.

Finally, in this New Year, he plans to expand his team, to increase his level of activities, to in his words learn, unlearn and relearn and we truly believe that with this positive attitude, he and his team and office will thrive as they get ready to reach a new Milestone.

He says that so far, his journey with Antal International has been a great experience and learning and he really trusts that the Antal Model is matured, professional and designed with loads of experience, and he believes that it works very well subject to timely implementation.

We can really help you start a new life and career giving you a real possibility to change your lifestyle and become more flexible and free.



One of our leading ambassadors for the Antal International business, the hugely successful US based recruiter legend, Jim Weber shared 10 key points on what, in his view, makes Antal fabulous and what sets it and a career as a recruitment professional apart from the competition. Jim is very familiar with franchising and a $Million + annual fee producing recruiter, a leader worldwide in his sector. Here is what he considers to be our FAB attributes (Features, Advantages and Benefits):

1. Business to business – “ white collar “ sale. You get to work with smart people who make decisions…

2. Great earning potential – Top 10% of headhunters earn more than the top 10% of every other sales professional of any industry, with the exception of commercial real estate sales executives in the Top 30 global metro markets and investment bankers.

3. Flexible business structure. You can build a business around a team or sales practice; whatever suits your circumstance and preferred career track & skills.

4. Careful Selection – by finding a better client, you can pick and choose the product you sell and you can quickly react to market change, i.e. you can always get rid of a product that is not selling…whereas if you sell Fords or GE alarm systems, you have to sell Fords or GE alarm systems, even if a competitor comes in with a better product…you are stuck .

5. High impact – on both the individuals career and the lives of his family members while shaping the direction / influencing the success of companies – all ties into solving problems..

6. Sales challenge – your product (the job) becomes the buyer and your buyer (the candidate) becomes the product…..

7. Strategic (Consultative) and Tactical (Transactional) sales process………requires two essential skill sets to make money today and more tomorrow (5 years), you only make one cold call to a person. After that it is a relationship.

8. Dynamic – The search industry allows you to be flexible, to react and to be proactive. If you listen to your customers, you can anticipate market changes and avoid cyclical challenges by changing your focus and approach i.e. when you sense companies cut, you move in with different profiles….and there are always winners and loser companies. Make friends with the winners. Further, Antal’s global network is a profitable hedge that enables you to serve clients globally, not just in your owner region.

9. Relationships – Build better client relationships with Antal but serving your clients global needs, you can also build better, more competitive client relationships that block your competitors.

10. Control – You select your clients and your product. It is your choice. Essentially, you pick who plays in your sandbox…….if you don’t like your customer or your customer does not work the way you want to, you can fire them……..just find another…

Make a change and get to work with cool people at Antal.

Be part of a great organisation.

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