This is how we do it

We pride ourselves in being an International company trading and supporting our offices globally but how do we do this?

We currently have over 145 offices in 33 countries, Franchise Owners as well as Company Owned Antal Recruitment offices share countries, deals and clients which is highly beneficial for all parties involved as well as for the clients and candidates.

Sharing is in the DNA of the business. The policy Tony Goodwin has put into place when he created the franchise system is unique as few other recruitment companies are globally able to share business. In order to do so, one of the regular activities is weekly sector focused conference calls and also group training sessions and monthly newsletters that promote sharing.

Shanghai city network technologyA great example in 2017 of trading and sharing business has been already achieved between offices in France, India and China.

One of our franchise Owners in France, used his French contacts to arrange 10 meetings with senior French executives in the automotive industry in Shanghai. The Antal China office has been very happy to invite the Owner to China to attend these meetings with their various managers. These clients are all target clients in 2017 for the China office as well as the French office.

Secondly, thanks to the introduction of an Indian Owner, the Antal China office has now an opportunity to deal with a leading Chinese APP development company. The client is looking to set up a development centre in India and calls were arranged between the China office and the client’s China HR.

This is a good start to our trading and indeed sharing for 2017.

In terms of how we nurture and develop our offices, the global marketing and operational support teams help owners across every country with individually based information and material. We are in regular contact with the Franchise Owners, with continuously open lines of support across all platforms to enable us to be reactive to any queries.

Here some feedback from one of our offices in Paris, France:

“It has been a great year for us since we joined Antal, we achieved much more than we have forecasted. We attribute that to the strong Antal network, great reputation and our great colleagues. Your passion, encouragement, great support in marketing and internal coordination made it all possible. We feel lucky to be with this team, and we hope that for next year we can achieve even more success and have more franchisees in France. “

That says is all…. We are focused on continually improving and working closely with our Franchise Partners, strengthening the Antal brand day by day.

Antal reference – Hear it from our Owners

Imo Etuk, Franchise Owner in London, UK, wanted to share his point of view on starting his business with Antal International.

The UK is a great place to start a business, but survival rates are low. Research by the British commercial insurer RSA suggests “More than half of new businesses don’t survive beyond five years, with the UK tax system, a lack of bank lending and the cost of running a business cited as the top reasons for failure.”

Troubling stats suggest that doing it alone isn’t going to be easy and building a long-term and lucrative business is fraught with difficulties.

This explains why Imo Etuk decided to take a Franchise from Antal International Network to leverage on its brand/ trade mark and Trade across the globe.

His first year of operations has been faced with a series of challenges ranging fr
om Understanding the Recruitment Industry, carving out his Niche Market to getting Clients / candidates to begin to building Trust and Confidence on his Ability and Capacity to deliver.

“Robust Induction and ongoing training by Antal InternationalIEtuk actually provided a platform for me and my team to keep going and our first breakthrough came when we judiciously started following the APC Marketing. This is mainly thanks to Lee Narraway who first laid the foundation via Induction and also thanks to Stephen Sweeney who later lubricated the foundation through creativity and innovations.

Although we are operating below our 2016 budget (which was a flat budget based on Business Plan), we are confident to turn around things for 2017 as we now have a database of credible candidates and have so far been able to sign-on 8 Clients in our first year of operations.

In 2017, with the support of the Antal Franchise Team, we would like to overcome the challenges of losing businesses from existing clients. We have had a couple of cases where most of the roles already contracted to us were being placed “on hold” or “suspended” after we have gone into the market and shortlisted candidates for these roles. This is a major challenge that we at Antal Croydon really want to overcome in 2017.

Finally, we would like to conclude that the 2017 budget shall be more realistic as we now understand our niche market and how long it takes to conclude a particular deal: ie from when the roles are advised to us to when the candidates resume work.”

Who is truly Antal International

“We have built and continue to build a fully integrated global management recruitment business, created on the principle of sharing information, knowledge & experience for the benefit of our clients, candidates and colleagues.”  Tony Goodwin, CEO & Chairman

Just how does the Antal motto and business ethos look under the microscope….. Who is Antal International?  Let’s dissect this statement piece by piece…

We have built and continue to build….. The building blocks of Antal have been constructed over many years, through trial and error and a continual learning process.  Never linear in growth but always in a forward motion.  This cycle is typical in the recruitment industry as markets develop and wane.  Regardless of the market shifts, the Antal brand has continued to grow in strength and international recognition.

Tony GoodwinA fully integrated global management recruitment business…. The Antal staff are the glue which enables the integration globally from London to Egypt, all offices follow the Antal model and proven methodology.

Created on the principle of sharing information, knowledge & experience….. Offices share information on markets, clients and their experiences through regular knowledge sharing sessions.  The outcome is more enlightened teams who value the benefits of team work with colleagues across the globe.  Distance does not matter in this ‘global village’ as everyone is only a phone call away.

For the benefit of our clients, candidates and colleagues….. The output from this high level of sharing is knowledge which is applied and shared in all contacts both internally and externally.  There is a true advantage in dealing with a highly intuitive, culturally aware and reactive recruiter who is able to navigate through complex situations and provide solutions to problems…..

Just one of the reasons to work with Antal International for all your recruiting needs, call us today.

We can help you make a profit and a difference

You might think that being a recruiter, you will place random people into random jobs, make money, move on to the next job and never hear from them again.

At Antal International, we do things a little bit differently.

We care about our candidates and clients; we aim to have a positive impact on people’s lives and on companies’ profits by finding the right people for the right role. We teach franchise owners how to focus on the one market segment they know best as this is one of the many things that will differentiate them from the crowd. Knowing their market, their sectors and a perfect understanding of the role to fill are key to a successful and long relationship with the clients and candidates.

Multiethnic Group of People Meeting in the Office

During our training sessions, we teach business professionals on how to become recruiters that are experts in their fields. We train them on how to find and approach the right candidates but also how to build up and relationship with clients that will help you build long term business opportunities and trust. We provide the tools to get started and the advice to reach out, the only thing you need is the drive to move things forward and the envy to make the right thing.

So, can we help you make a profit whilst enjoying making a difference in people’s lives?

Steps to starting your own business

Final touch to achievementStarting a business on your own is a daunting prospect whilst working with an established franchise brand gives you support and a proven system to follow.

The range of franchise systems available to invest in is vast and if you are drawn to recruitment, there are a few basics to keep in mind.  The first step to starting your own recruitment business is to reach out to us via telephone or our website. We will take you through the process, one step at a time, at a pace you are comfortable with.

Right choice…… Recruitment is a people orientated service industry, there is a high level of networking and business development needed. Do you enjoy speaking to people and networking? Great if you do as most aspects of the business are conducted over the telephone. If you are confident and comfortable with this, then a recruitment business is a viable option.

Right time….. Starting a new venture will take your complete focus, time and energy. If you are part way to completing other projects, we recommend that you clear the decks before pressing the Start button.  The whole sequence of discussions pre-launch can take 4 / 6 weeks so keep this time frame in mind.

Right market….. The recruitment market is mature in some countries and competitive so we work with you to position your business in a viable sector.  We will guide you through our pre-induction programme to select a market which is a good fit with both your background and interest.  You will need to conduct initial research to scope the market and better understand the recruitment needs of the clients and candidates.  LinkedIn provides valuable tools for a holistic view on many international recruitment market trends which is a good starting point.

Call us to arrange more in-depth discussion about making a start, the Antal franchise system and methodology in more detail.  Each step is detailed on our website, please click on the link and read more

Contact us to start the process now and be ready for a 2017 like no other.

Prepare Christmas and new start in 2017

Ho Ho Ho! It this time of the year again where we all look forward and count the days until we can finally spend some quality time with family and friends, relax, get our red jumpers out to celebrate Christmas, exchange presents and see the happiness on people’s faces as they unwrap their presents but also think about the year that has just flown by and what is next on the list of things to do.

istock_000047736694_fullThese few days off, away from the stressful work environment will help you relax and refocus on the beautiful things in life, family, friends, love and the joy of sharing and simply of being together. And you might realise that there are too few of these precious moments and that a change would be a nice thing to consider for a fresh and New Year 2017.

Why not consider becoming your own boss and setting up your own company? At Antal, we help people who have a great background and network in different sectors and industries to set up their own recruitment business. You don’t need a recruitment background, the only thing that we are looking for when finding new franchise owners is your past experience and knowledge but also  your motivation in picking up the phone and talking to people! We will train you on how to contact clients who are looking for the perfect hire to build their teams as well as candidates who are looking into a change of career. You can make a great impact for companies who might struggle to find the right candidates and change someone’s life by finding them a more fulfilling and exciting job.

The good thing is that the investment is small compared to food franchises or other kind of franchises where you need a shop and stocks. All you need is a computer, a phone and a network of connections to start working.

This could be a life changing opportunity for you, you would be able to work from home or rent an office but you would chose the amount of hours you work, when and where to work which would give you more time with your family and friends.

Why not contact us today to find out more? We will provide you all the information you need to make an informed decision, every call or email is strictly confidential so why hesitate?

Global employment survey finds statics job markets around the world

The Antal Global Snapshot, a regular global survey of hiring and firing trends covering more than 8,000 organisations in 40 key countries, has found job prospects for professionals and managers continuing to improve.

The ‘Gags19lobal Snapshot’ project asked 8,280 companies in major markets such as Western and Eastern Europe, China and Mexico whether they were currently hiring at professional and managerial level. It then asked whether they planned to do so in the coming quarter and whether they were currently letting staff go or were planning to do so in the next three months.

Current hiring across the globe has gone down from 70% of respondents in November 2015 to 50% now. And the percentage of organisations intending to hire in the coming quarter was also down from 68% to 45%.

At the same time the percentage of organisations intending to shed staff had fallen from 19% to 17% now.

Western Europe

The highest current hiring levels amongst the larger economies were in Austria (61%) and Switzerland (55%). The lowest levels of hiring were in Greece at 28% of business surveyed, followed by the UK (35%).

The job market is currently fairing well in Italy (52%) and it appears to stay like this for the next three months, being IT the most active sector with 92% of the companies taking staff in now, and 91% of them intending to do so in the next quarter.

Eastern Europe and Eurasia

The highest recruiting levels in this region were in Poland (76%). Across the country, the manufacturing and IT sectors currently hold the highest figures of hiring new staff at 91% and 90% respectively. The economic problems in Hungary continue, having the lowest level of hiring in the region with only 27% of business questions actively seeking new managers or professionals, followed closely by Russia (29%).

Africa and Middle East

Africa shows that employment, at a professional and managerial level, appears to have decreased, but indicating an improvement with 67% of companies hiring in the following months.

In the Middle East, the survey indicated that 52% of the companies that participated are hiring and more will be doing the same during the next quarter. The UAE is a good example of the job market in the area, even with higher number, with 59% of companies currently taking staff in.


43% of organisations surveyed are currently hiring in China, a decrease of 33% compared with figures from November 2015. In addition to this, the percentage of organisations shedding staff maintains its figure (35%). The situation in all Asia moves around the same percentages than China, suggesting that employers tend to keep more staff but at the same time trying to reduce the personnel.

The Americas

The job market in this continent shows a positive outlook with 54% of companies hiring and 43% of companies reporting job cuts. USA protrudes over all with 67% of business taking staff in. In the other hand, Mexico shows the lowest level (43%).

To download the full copy of the report please visit

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